Forgery of Signature

Forgery of signature

Cases involving a forged signature can include documents such as contested wills, financial paperwork and professional business documentation. It may be necessary to determine whether or not the signature is in fact genuine and if not if the entire document has been forged or altered in anyway. In some instances it may also be possible to link a forged signature to a suspected author.

Kate Strzelczyk is one of the few experienced and accomplished Forensic Document Examiners available to assess the validity of questioned signatures and the authenticity of a document.

For questioned signature cases, it is essential to obtain several genuine reference signatures with which to compare it to, and that are dated contemporaneously with that in question. In the majority of cases, a questioned signature would ideally need to be compared to ten or twelve reference signatures dated within a few months or years of that in question.

It is also important to obtain the original document where possible, in order for our expert to examine the signature microscopically. Photocopied documents can be examined and may in some instances provide conclusive evidence; we do advise that the originals are sought to provide your case with the most suitable material possible for our expert to analyze and base their opinions on.


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