Handwriting Analyst

Handwriting Analyst is the process of scientifically ascertaining if a a particular piece of handwriting matches up to a person.

We use scientifically proven methods and equipment to match certain aspects of an individuals handwriting, types of inks used and indentations in paper.

The process would be that the client would give us the handwriting in dispute with a number of othr examples which we can use to compare the types of handwriting. We would then use a microscope to look for the direction of the pen and the weight at which it was pressed


We do not provide graphology as it is not a scientically valid form of hand writing analyst which would be suitable for representation in court.

Advice for taking request handwriting specimens

Advice for taking request handwriting specimens I t is helpful to bear the following points in mind when collecting reference writing by request in order to obtain the most suitable specimen writing possible. The outcome of the analysis may be affected if the sample writing is not suitable, so please think about what the most comparable type of writing would be needed to match to the questioned writing in your case. These are guidelines only, so do think about which points apply to your case, as every case is different.

• Handwriting style: comparisons are most effective between writings in the same style, i.e. Block capital handwriting compared to block capital handwriting Un-joined, lowercase writing compared to un-joined, lowercase writing Joined-up, lowercase writing compared to joined-up, lowercase writing
hand writing specimen

• Do not show the writer the questioned material, or their writing style may be influenced by it. Dictate the writing so that you can also control the speed of the writer. If a person appears to be writing too slowly, they may be attempting to disguise their writing. Remember to take several versions of the writing on different pieces of paper, remembering to remove each sheet as it has been written out.

• The reference material needs to contain the same or similar text, so that it has several examples of all of the letters, figures or symbols present in the questioned writing.

• Use a blank template of a form or cheque if appropriate. If the questioned writing has been written out on unlined or lined paper, or on a cheque, pre-printed application form, please use blank versions of this document style where possible.

• Use a ballpoint pen such as a biro that inks well.

handwriting letter construction

• Obtain several versions of the text if possible. For smaller amounts of questioned writing such as a paragraph or less, try to obtain at least ten versions. For longer volumes of text, five or more versions should be sufficient. Remember to always submit non-request writings along with the request samples. You may be able to ask employers, local councils or friends and family for material. Items such as personal correspondence, diaries, greetings cards and shopping lists can also be used for handwriting analyst.



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